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The New Real Life is now called Aromatic Living

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Simple, fun and safe essential oil usage.

Live the life of your dreams

Real Life - Aromatic Living mastermind and Aromacology

Community  is the place where the good life happens!

Includes everything you'll need to include essential oils

safely and simply into your everyday life and

live the life of your dreams!


Welcome to Real Life

It’s time those bottles of essential oils got out of the case, off of that shelf and into your life!

Aromatic Living is an online membership for people committed to simple, fun and safe aromatherapy answers. As a member you get access to the growing Aromatic Living library of premium content, events, special discounts and more.

Are you ready to go from dreaming to living your best life with the health

and happiness that aromatic living can give you and your family?

Your New  Real life – Aromatic Living membership includes:

  • Access to dozens of full length classes that Leiann has done and her future classes that are valued at $75.00-$150.00 each!
  • Archives of three years of articles, videos, tutorials from Kent and Leiann and other guests
  • New Special videos from Kent and all the science stuff you want to hear!
  • New Special articles from Kent on some of your favorite topics such as essential oils with pets, farming, gardening, and more!
  • New Monthly video trainings of safe and simple ways to use your essential oils from Leiann and Kent personally
  • New Fun exclusive DIY video tutorials that include cooking, crafting, gardening, and personal care, making your own blends or synergies, using essential oils and other botanicals.
  • New Insight into the emotional, mental and spiritual side of essential oils with Leiann
  • New Get your questions answered on Q&A day!
  • New Live interaction with Kent and Leiann in their private Facebook group for Real Life - Aromatic Living members only
  • New Monthly live call with Leiann and Kent as a group
  • New Special discounts for online education and LIVE retreats and events
  • New Special discounts for her daughter-in-law’s bottle and bag store for all your essential oil needs
  • New Up to date safety info on aromatherapy and essential oils
  • New Recipes for including essential oils in your food prep

Real Life - Aromatic Living gives you practical ongoing guidance to create your most aromatic life.

Kent's Korner

Kent became interested in essential oils decades ago when He first traveled over seas to England. There he learned centuries of accumulated knowledge from the local population. He loves to share that knowledge with you. He said," Hi Everyone. Welcome to my korner of this web page.  In this section we will post all sorts of things and items of interest for your functioning in real life settings. I invite you to read through these posts and see if there is anything that you can glean to help you to be able to apply ideas to make your life better. Welcome to my little demented corner of Real Life, I hope you enjoy the visit."

This feature is for REAL LIFE members only.


 Applied Aromatic Institute 

This 230 hour online course fulfills the requirements

needed to take the certification test for Essential Oils.

It empowers you with the real world knowledge and

education you need, to feel you can control your

destiny, earning potential, and impact others

lives for the better.







Listen in each week to free Podcasts by Leiann and guests about essential oils and there many uses and benefits. Share these podcasts with friends and family. Show them all the ways essential oils can impact lives for the better.


These in-depth videos will teach you about specific essential oils, their history and extraction. To the practical and beneficial uses and properties. Take a journey with Leiann and learn about ways to help yourself and your family with essential oils.

This feature is for REAL LIFE members only.


Access to dozens of full length classes that Leiann has done and her future classes that are valued at $75.00-$150.00 each!

This feature is for REAL LIFE members only.











Join Leiann King in a Q&A Webinar! Have questions about essential oils? How to use them? How aromatherapy can help you and your family? Ask and get answers!

This feature is for REAL LIFE members only.


A weekly blog will feature various essential oils. Using them in your everyday life, their benefits, testimonials, and much more. Share these blogs with friends and family. Leave comments for Leiann and guest bloggers.



Introduction To Essential Oils

This course puts you on the fast track to certification.

It contains: history, safety, application,

notes of oils, blending, Aromatic Iridology,

plant parts, some chemistry, botany, and quality. 

A total of 20 oils and 36 lessons!